Recognizing the need to increase coordination and collaboration across a multitude of stakeholders, partners, expertise and a more formalized means of coordinating and integrating avian monitoring activities, the Gulf of Mexico Avian Monitoring Network was established. This Network of scientists, land managers and decision makers provides a forum to collaborate, share information and provide overall support for the implementation of bird monitoring efforts in a unified fashion.  The Network also provides a venue to ensure the most up-to-date science is integrated into conservation strategies and disseminated to decision-makers, managers, landowners, and the general public about the invaluable natural resources of the northern Gulf of Mexico.

Vision:  A Community of Practice working collaboratively to leverage existing resources, capacities and expertise to develop and implement a Gulf-wide, coordinated and integrated avian monitoring program.

Mission:  Facilitate and enhance integrated and complementary data collection for bird populations and their habitats that results in scientifically robust: (1) status assessments; (2) evaluation of management and restoration actions; and (3) evaluation of ecological processes affecting bird populations and their habitats in the northern Gulf of Mexico.

Operational ObjectivesCoordinate and facilitate avian monitoring for stakeholders involved in the restoration and management of natural resources in the northern Gulf of Mexico by:

  • creating and maintaining a forum by which stakeholders can coordinate and integrate monitoring efforts for priority birds and their habitats;
  • establishing clearly articulated core-values, data needs, and fundamental objectives underpinning monitoring efforts;
  • facilitating the identification and implementation of cost-effective yet scientifically robust regional monitoring plans; and
  • standardizing data collection and data management efforts that support adaptive management.

Description: GoMAMN is a self-directed, non-regulatory network of conservation professionals. Partners within the Network collaborate to facilitate and coordinate monitoring activities that address current and future needs of bird populations and their habitats in the Gulf of Mexico.  The Network builds upon well-established and accepted monitoring protocols and programs to facilitate development of new monitoring efforts where needed to connect, leverage, and integrate efforts into an efficient and comprehensive Gulf-wide avian monitoring program.  Monitoring plans that emanate from the Network are advisory in nature, are nonbinding on any party, and are intended as recommendations to improve avian conservation through coordinated monitoring across the northern Gulf of Mexico region.

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