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Why you should join Gulf of Mexico Avian Monitoring Network:

  • Natural Resource Professionals:  Engagement in GoMAMN provides a forum where scientists and land managers can: (1) work collectively to develop a shared vision of goals, objectives, values, and needs underpinning avian monitoring activities; (2) coordinated and leverage resources to design and implement monitoring activities; (3) share information and protocols; and (4) reduce redundancies among programs and organizations such that avian monitoring activities are implemented in a coordinated and efficient manner.
  • Funding Agencies / Decision Makers:  Engagement in GoMAMN provides a venue whereby funding agencies, decision makers, and land managers can interact and share their respective goals, objectives, values, and information needs with avian scientists and monitoring practitioners.  These interactions can help funding agencies, decision makers and land managers incorporate the latest tools and resources to understand and measure avian resources.
  • Contractors and Consultants: Engagement in GoMAMN can help businesses and industry improve their bird monitoring efficiency via access to protocols, procedures and data that can inform their decision making. Access to this information coupled with linkages to state and federal agencies, non-governmental conservation groups and experts from academia can be used to proactively advance bird monitoring activities in areas of common interest.
  • Students: Engagement in GoMAMN can help students improve their efficiency in accessing: (1) data and protocols; (2) information to guide development of monitoring projects (e.g., graduate work); and (3) further their career development by interacting with a variety of professionals from state and federal agencies, non-governmental conservation groups, and others from academia.


Get Engaged:

Contact Us – For more information, please use the Contact Us link and let us know how we can best address your needs.  Alternatively, we encourage you to reach out to a member of GoMAMN to learn more about current activities.

Attend Community of Practice Meeting – GoMAMN hosts a Community of Practice meeting periodically throughout the calendar year.  Please check for announcements on the Home Page or reach out to us directly using the Contact Us link.