Community of Practice Meetings

We held our 2021 Community of Practice Meeting Oct 5-7.

Below are recordings of the General Sessions and some working group meetings

General Session 1

Welcome and Orientation – Auriel Fournier

History of GoMAMN – Evan Adams

Why GoMAMN – Auriel Fournier

General Session 2

Strategic Bird Monitoring Guidelines for the Northern Gulf of Mexico – Randy Wilson

Current Coordinated Bird Monitoring and Restoration Projects – Mark Woodrey

Goals of the Community of Practice Meeting – Auriel Fournier

General Session 3

Introduction to Gap Analysis – Jessica Schulz

General Session 4

Reporting out from working groups to highlight areas of overlap and get feedback on areas where working groups would like

General Session 5

Discussion of GoMAMN Mentoring Program, and Communications planning

Shorebird Working Group

Seabird Working Group

Questions: Auriel Fournier, GoMAMN Chair,