Working Groups

The Gulf of Mexico Avian Monitoring Network currently has working groups structured around each of the functional taxa groups of birds (seabirds, shorebirds, wading birds, marshbirds, waterfowl, landbirds, and raptors, as well as a working group focused on the utility and application of decision theory to the establishment of bird monitoring objectives and priorities).

For more information, please contact the appropriate working chairs.

Avian Health: Terri Maness (Louisiana Tech University Jacquie Grace (Texas A&M University

Landbirds:  TJ Zenzal (USGS Bill Vermillion (Gulf Coast Joint Venture

Marshbirds: Mark Woodrey (Mississippi State University and Kevin Kalasz (USFWS

Raptors: Mary Ann Ottinger (University of Houston

Renewable Energy: Kara Fox (National Audubon Society and Peter Kappes (

Seabirds: Evan Adams (Biodiversity Research Institute and Terri Maness (Louisiana Tech University

Shorebirds: Abby Darrah (National Audubon Society

Structured Decision Making: Michelle Stantial (USGS

Wading Birds: Clay Green (Texas State University and Lianne Koczur (Alabama Audubon

Waterfowl: Randy Wilson (USFWS Joe Lancaster (Gulf Coast Joint